Lewisia 'Dark Cloud'

Common Name:
Cliff maids
Plant Type:
Succulent perennial
Portulacaceae (The Purslane Family)
Geographic Origin:
California Native?:
Plant Size:
To 8 inches
Landscape/Garden Uses:
rock gardens
Flowering Season:
Spring and summer
Flower Color:
Purplish red
Light shade
Well-drained soil
Suggested Irrigation:
Moderate to occasional watering
Estimated Hardiness:
Hardy to 0 degrees F. or less
Lewisias are beautiful though sometimes temperamental native succulents for rock garden and pot culture. They produce crowns of spatula shaped to cylindrical leaves and carry umbrella-like flower clusters above the foliage in spring and early summer (also sometimes in fall, in coastal climates). The several to many-petalled blossoms in this seed strain are deep reddish purple. Sun or light shade near the coast, light shade inland, with perfectly drained soil dressed with gravel around the crowns of older plants, watering only when dry. Hardy to 0 degrees F. or below.