The Plants of Suncrest Nurseries

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Suncrest Nurseries offers a decidedly offbeat plant collection aimed at enriching the California gardening experience. Geographically, we are focused on the Mediterranean-climate regions of the world—the Mediterranean area itself, Australia, South Africa, southern South America and most of all, California. We conduct a good bit of plant selection work at the nursery, including as many deliberate hybrids as time permits. To these are added both original selections and seed collections from the California wilds, as well as plants and seeds received from a number of adventurous gardeners and friends at botanic gardens, arboreta, and a few commercial nurseries. Mail-order plant and seed lists and the most diverse commercial catalogs are scoured for interesting species and cultivars we haven’t yet experienced.

In terms of plant types, we offer a few trees, mostly California natives, and would love to grow more when demand for them revives a bit. We work with a diverse collection of both evergreen and deciduous shrubs, emphasizing those that combine interesting form, attractive foliage and beautiful flowers. Showy vines are still a substantial element of our collection, though each hard winter freeze teaches us to be more cautious about the more tender subtropicals. We maintain probably the largest bamboo collection of any non-specialist nursery, though again we have come to pay more attention to cold-hardiness over the years. Flowering perennials, including many California, Southwestern and Mediterranean natives, are our broadest category, with many hundreds of separate offerings. And to these are added a wide variety of grasses and grasslike plants, restios, native and exotic succulents, bulbs, and ferns. You can search all of these online for the most complete plant information and download a more condensed, annotated list for faster reference. Happy browsing!

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