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Eucomis autumnalis--green leaf form

Common Name:
Pineapple lily
Plant Type:
Bulbous perennial
Liliaceae (The Lily Family)
Geographic Origin:
South and Southern Africa
California Native?:
Plant Size:
2-3 feet high
Landscape/Garden Uses:
Mixed plantings
Flowering Season:
Flower Color:
Sun or light shade
Most soils
Suggested Irrigation:
Moderate watering
Estimated Hardiness:
Hardy to 15 degrees F. or less
This species has long been sold as a curiosity, but only recently has it begun to be appreciated for its landscaping possibilities in California. The large, smooth bulbs form impressive colonies. Each spring they produce rosettes of wavy-edged, strap shaped leaves 1 foot or more long. From these rosettes issue thick stalks up to 3 three tall, each carrying a dense cluster of cream, chartreuse or purplish flowers. Above each cluster is a topknot of leafy bracts, giving it a pineapple-like appearance. These and the slowly developing seed pods give a striking display through much of the summer and fall. The plants are beaten into dormancy by hard frosts, but are nearly evergreen in mild climates. Use them in borders, as accent plants, and in containers. Hardy to 15 degrees F. or less.