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Lachenalia aloides 'Pearsonii'

Common Name:
Cape cowslip
Plant Type:
Bulbous perennial
Liliaceae (The Lily Family)
Geographic Origin:
South and Southern Africa
California Native?:
Plant Size:
8-12 inches
Landscape/Garden Uses:
rock gardens
Flowering Season:
Flower Color:
Light shade
Well-drained soil
Suggested Irrigation:
Drought tolerant
Estimated Hardiness:
Hardy to 25-30 degrees F.
Winter blooming bulbs of the lily family have spreading, maroon spotted basal leaves and erect 6-12 inch spikes of tubular shaped flowers with an unlikely but pleasing combination of hues: red at the base, golden yellow along the tube, and green at the tip. They are mostly rather tender and best kept as pot plants, protected during the winter. Summer deciduous. Sun or light shade, reasonably well drained soil, moderate watering during active growth and bloom, little or no watering during summer dormancy. Hardy to around 25 degrees F.