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Genus Species/Variety
Clematis 'Diamantina' Clematis 'Diamantina'
Clematis 'Diana's Delight' Clematis 'Diana's Delight'
Clematis 'Duchess of Albany' Clematis 'Duchess of Albany'
Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh' Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh'
Clematis 'Edouard Desfosse' Clematis 'Edouard Desfosse'
Clematis 'Elsa Spaeth' Clematis 'Elsa Spaeth'
Clematis 'Ernest Markham' Clematis 'Ernest Markham'
Clematis flammula Clematis flammula
Clematis 'Franziska Maria' PP#15745 Clematis 'Franziska Maria' PP#15745
Clematis 'General Sikorski' Clematis 'General Sikorski'
Clematis 'Gillian Blades' Clematis 'Gillian Blades'
Clematis 'Gipsy Queen' Clematis 'Gipsy Queen'
Clematis 'Gravetye Beauty' Clematis 'Gravetye Beauty'
Clematis 'Guernsey Cream' Clematis 'Guernsey Cream'
Clematis 'H. F. Young' Clematis 'H. F. Young'