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Genus Species/Variety
Dryopteris x australis Dryopteris x australis
Dudleya brittonii Dudleya brittonii
Dudleya brittonii--green form Dudleya brittonii--green form
Dudleya caespitosa Dudleya caespitosa
Dudleya cymosa Dudleya cymosa
Dudleya cymosa ssp. pumila Dudleya cymosa ssp. pumila
Dudleya edulis Dudleya edulis
Dudleya farinosa Dudleya farinosa
Dudleya hassei Dudleya hassei
Dudleya lanceolata Dudleya lanceolata
Dudleya pulverulenta Dudleya pulverulenta
Duranta repens 'Alba' Duranta repens 'Alba'
Duranta repens 'Sarasota' Duranta repens 'Sarasota'
Dyckia 'Grape Jelly' Dyckia 'Grape Jelly'
Dyckia 'Morris Hobbs' Dyckia 'Morris Hobbs'