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Rare and Unusual

Our interest at Suncrest is in exploring the diversity of the plant kingdom for beautiful plants adaptable to cultivation in coastal California. Some of our offerings are widely shared in the nursery industry; many others, especially those from the wild and gifts from other plant enthusiasts, are either unusual or genuinely rare. Their beauty, not their rarity, is the object. But it is worth noting when something is out of the ordinary line of cultivated plants.

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Plant Name Capsule Description
Lachenalia aloides 'Pearsonii' Cape cowslip; pendant flowers gold with red and green.
Lachenalia pendula Cape cowslip; pendant orange-red bells, winter. 8 inch stems.
Lepechinia fragrans 'El Tigre' Soft grey furry, fragrant leaves, large pink flowers, CA native.
Lewisia 'Dark Cloud' Suncrest Nurseries seed strain; flowers deep rose.
Lewisia 'Pink Cloud' Suncrest Nurseries hybrids, 8 inch flower sprays. Large bright pink flowers.
Lewisia 'White Cloud' Suncrest Nurseries hybrids. Succulent rosettes, sprays of white flowers.
Libertia grandiflora 2-3 feet, Iris-like plant; sprays of white flowers.
Libertia ixioides 1 foot clumps; white flowers in summer, golden leaf tips in winter.
Lilium 'Corralitos Hybrids' Wintergreen Nursery native hybrids. 3 feet+ stem. Fragrant flowers rose to scarlet.
Lilium 'Firefly' To 4 feet. Red flowers on erect stems in summer. From Corralitos Hybrids seed strain.
Lilium pardalinum 'Gualala Giant' Leopard Lily; 6 feet or more; flowers dark orange & yellow.
Lobelia excelsa Clumping, with stems to 4-5 feet. Narrow orange and yellow flowers.
Lobelia tupa Broad light green leaves, with stems to 4-5 feet. Narrow red flowers.
Lotus (Hosackia) crassifolius var. otayensis Soft grey furry erect stems, clusters of purple and white flowers.
Lotus formosissimus (Hosackia gracilis) Matting perennial; bright pink & yellow flowers, spring-summer.
Luculia [intermedia]--Qiqui 6-10 feet, bushy. Large dark leaves, fragrant pink flowers.
Lupinus excubitus var. austromontanus Grape soda lupine. Silver leaves stay low. Fragrant purple flowers.
Lupinus polyphyllus var. burkei 2 feet, perennial. Lush green leaves; lavender blue flowers, summer.
Lupinus sericatus Low shrub. Broad silver leaves, mauve pink flowers spring.

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