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Rare and Unusual

Our interest at Suncrest is in exploring the diversity of the plant kingdom for beautiful plants adaptable to cultivation in coastal California. Some of our offerings are widely shared in the nursery industry; many others, especially those from the wild and gifts from other plant enthusiasts, are either unusual or genuinely rare. Their beauty, not their rarity, is the object. But it is worth noting when something is out of the ordinary line of cultivated plants.

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Plant Name Capsule Description
Thalictrum fendleri var. polycarpum Meadow rue; fernlike leaves, tall stems; delicate green flowers.
Thamnocalamus aristatus Tight clumps; slender erect stems, narrow drooping leaves.
Thamnocalamus spathiflorus ssp. nepalensis 15 feet. Lush bright green 4 inch leaves; clumping.
Thamnocalamus tesselatus To 12 feet, upright. White-bracted stems, narrow dark green leaves.
Thamnochortus bachmannii 2-3 feet. Interlaced green stems. Papery gold flower clusters.
Thamnochortus cinereus Dense interlaced feathery green mass to 3-4 feet; shiny golden flower bracts.
Thamnochortus insignis Wiry dark green stems to 5 feet+ from dense narrow base. Dark gold flowers.
Thermopsis macrophylla 2-3 feet. California false lupine. Silky leaves. Yellow flowers.
Tigridia pavonia 'Alba Immaculata' Large white, bowl-shaped flowers over pleated green leaves in summer.
Tigridia pavonia--wild strain Large bright orange, bowl-shaped flowers in summer.
Torreya californica California nutmeg. To 30 feet+. Dark sharp needles, odd fruits.
Tradescantia occidentalis Western spiderwort. Greyish leaves; bright blue flowers.
Trichostema 'Midnight Magic' TM Suncrest hybrid, to 4 feet. Bushy, with narrow leaves, large purple flowers. T. lanatum x purpusii.
Triteleia hyacinthina California native bulb to 2 feet high. Dense clusters of white bowl-shaped flowers, spring.
Triteleia peduncularis Long-rayed brodiaea; clusters of white flowers in spring.
Tritonia disticha Wand like stems; coral-red flowers with yellow markings, summer.
Tritonia hyalina 1 foot; iris-like leaves; flowers orange with clear "windows".
Tritonia securigera Soft orange flowers with yellow throat, early summer bloom.
Tropaeolum tuberosum Rounded leaves; bright orange flowers in summer, fall. Herbaceous.
Tweedia caerulea Twining; fuzzy greyish leaves, light blue flowers.

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