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Rare and Unusual

Our interest at Suncrest is in exploring the diversity of the plant kingdom for beautiful plants adaptable to cultivation in coastal California. Some of our offerings are widely shared in the nursery industry; many others, especially those from the wild and gifts from other plant enthusiasts, are either unusual or genuinely rare. Their beauty, not their rarity, is the object. But it is worth noting when something is out of the ordinary line of cultivated plants.

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Plant Name Capsule Description
Pinellia tripartita 1 foot. Three parted arum-like leaves. Green flowers with long tail.
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Pirouette' PP#22024 15 feet or more, sturdy and erect. Upswept branches, large pale yellow-variegated leaves.
Pleioblastus gramineus 6-12 feet, dense; slender stems, grasslike leaves.
Pleioblastus hindsii 'Yasui' To. 15 feet. Distinctive dark green, upright leaves, spreading.
Polemonium cashmerianum Green fern-like leaves; heads of bright lavender blue flowers.
Poliomintha longiflora Mexican oregano; aromatic, shiny leaves, lavender flowers.
Polygala chamaebuxus 'Purpurea' 8-12 inches, mounding; dark green leaves; pink & yellow flowers.
Polygala virgata To 6 feet. Almost leafless stems, bright mauve flowers with a frilly lip in summer.
Polygonatum kingianum To 5 feet. Slender stems; dangling orange & green bells.
Polypodium californicum 'Sarah Lyman' California native fern; dissected-leaf selection. Deciduous in summer.
Polypodium guttatum From Mexico; 8-12 inches. Thick, evergreen fronds.
Potentilla megalantha Low crowns of large fuzzy leaves; large yellow flowers.
Primula vialii Narrow leaves; red-furry flower buds; small lavender flowers.
Pseudopanax laetevirens Scandent evergreen shrub for shade. Shiny dark green leaves.
Pseudopanax lessonii 'Sabre' 6-10 feet. Dark bronze green lance-shaped leaves; narrow silhouette.
Puya alpestris Bromeliad with crowns of long spiny leaves, deep blue-green flowers.
Puya coerulea var. violacea Bromeliad, striking crowns of grey leaves, coral stems, violet flowers.
Puya mirabilis Bromeliad has crowns of long narrow leaves, 3 inch tubular green flowers.
Pyrrosia hastata Felt fern; creeping, with thick 3-lobed fronds.
Pyrrosia lingua--crested Felt fern; thick fronds splayed at ends.

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